Spring Favorites: New York City

I can confidently say that my appetite has been more than satiated so far this spring. It's an important time for food in New York City (and around the country), and these new openings are all contributors to that excitement. Here's what I've been happily chewing on and find worth sharing. Note that not everything on this list is new (or a restaurant) but some things are just too delicious not to go on about... 



Flora Bar

Flora is situated inside of the Met Breuer but Thomas Carter and Ignacio Matto's (Estella, Cafe Altra Paradiso) new venture is not just a museum restaurant. The dishes are delicate, full of life, and expertly executed. Flora is one of the most impressive new openings and the food speaks entirely for itself. Try the fragrant lobster crab dumplings with yuzu, and an umami-rich tuna tartare with truffle.

945 Madison Avenue



De Maria:

De Maria is female driven venture from powerhouse chef Camile Becerra (previously of Navy+Cafe Henrie) that features an interior of soft hues and brass accents, and colorful food with bold flavors. Everything is healthy, but this isn’t “health food”. The chicken and endive salad (pictured) is far more exciting and unknown than you’d ever expect it to be. 

19 Kenmare Street  



White Mustache Yogurt:

White mustache makes small batch yogurt with smart flavor combinations, which is unarguably the best yogurt around. Their "Kiss" yogurt is a heavenly concoction that'll set your yogurt standards to a ridiculously high level. It is a luscious Greek yogurt with orange blossom, honey, and walnuts mixed in. This is the holy grail. You can learn more here


Kalustyan's Mujadara:

I'm undoubtedly late to the game with my newfound love for Kalustyan's, the landmark Indian+ Middle Eastern food emporium. They sell a delectable house-made mujadara, a Lebanese mixture of lentils, wheat, and onion. Sounds odd, but once heated up and topped with a bit of labneh and warm pita (buy their za'atar one)... it's unbeatable. 


Made Nice:

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara's new fast casual venture is unsurprisingly good. The food tastes as if a really good home cook had just whipped it up for you in their kitchen after going shopping at the greenmarket. It serves perfect lunch food, something that until now, hadn't really been mastered. Everything is fresh, delicious and well, nice.

8 W 28th Street


Master of None:

 A comedic show from Aziz Ansari that is just as much a love letter to NY and the food and people that make it, as it is about laughs. Arguably a better food show than most on the Food Network. You can read Eaters round up of all the restaurants featured here


Hanoi House: 

The first beautifully authentic, yet surprisingly innovative Vietnamese fare to come to NY. The food honors tradition, while showcasing a vibrant newfound sense of life. Make sure to get the richly sweet charred trout, whose skin is a treat in and of itself. 

119 Saint Marks Pl