prithi gowda

Things I ♡: Summer

prithi gowda
Things I ♡: Summer

I launched this website almost exactly a year ago, with the hopes of creating enjoyable culinary content and a place for people to go to to find posts pertaining to food and lifestyle coming from a young perspective. My first blog was a place where I messily jotted down anything that was going on in my kitchen and how it affected me, and my outlook on the culinary field as an eleven-year-old. Which is why I wanted to create a new and slightly more refined blog where I could discuss anything I found interesting, share recipes, tips, and my favorite discoveries while still retaining that same diary-like feel. While cooking is undeniably my passion in life, what I really love to do is write, talk and share my culinary experiences and creations with anyone who is interested. I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life learning as much as I can about food. Researching elements, chefs, reading recipes, books, websites and playing around in my own minuscule kitchen. In the next year, I hope to create a website which could possibly act as an inspiration to teach other young individuals how to cook but that also is appealing to a variety of different ages and interests. I will do my best to provide great recipes, interviews and some exciting series in the year ahead. Below are the things that I’ve found to be cool in this unbelievably hot and grubby summer. Please reach out to me with anything you want to see more of on this blog in the future.
Thanks to y’all for reading, I love what I do.

P.S. Thought it’d only be right to inform you that I tested out the famed “Ramen Burger” at Smorgasburg this past weekend, I left pleasantly surprised.

Melvin’s Juice Bar at Miss Lily’s
New York is a very juice oriented city. However, no one does juice in this city quite like Melvin. In the same space as the beloved and incredibly delicious Miss Lily’s which serves authentic Jamaican food done right, Melvin’s Juice Box makes juice that really makes you feel good. No frills, just pure, good juice. Melvin is also a great character and a complete juice legend.
130 W Houston St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 812 1482

Florence Meat Market
Florence Meat Market sits on a quaint street in Greenwich Village and has been butchering quality meats for decades. It still has a remarkable old-school neighborhood butcher feel and of course, has really great meat. The butchers clearly know what they’re doing and have been doing it for as long as they can remember. If you’ve ever had a fantasy of being on a first name basis with your butcher- this is the type of place where that’s a reality. You can also call and order meat over the phone which they then will deliver to your door, how much better can it get?
5 Jones St.
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242 6531

Tacombi is incredibly hip, but the food so scrumptious, it’s able to stand on its own. Impeccably braised meats topped with bright sauces, herbs and fruits fill soft tortillas making one incredibly satisfactory taco. Try the perfectly crisped fish taco which is accompanied by shaved cabbage and spicy mayo.
267 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012
(917) 727 0179

Bedford Cheese Shop
Bedford cheese shop is a gourmet food store that carries artisanal produce and fine cheeses. It has an undeniable European touch and carries handmade delectable treats from all around. There’s a store in Williamsburg (right down the street from favorites Catbird and Whisk) and one in downtown Manhattan. It’s an incredibly charming shop with great products and an extremely knowledgeable and excited staff, undoubtedly one of my new favorites.
229 Bedford Avenue
New York, NY
(718) 599 7588

Roberts Rose Water
This blue tinted bottle has been around since 1867 and contains the most gloriously floral tonic. Perfect for refreshing your face on these sticky, icky summer days. I rely on this rose water to make me feel clean and refreshed all year round, but, have found it to be especially convenient this summer. You can purchase it here.

Image of Via Tacombi