prithi gowda

Things I ♡ : Spring

prithi gowda
Things I ♡ : Spring

It’s already halfway through April and the sun is finally beginning to show. So, I thought it was time to share what I’ve been loving to eat, wear and cook with so far this month. Also- I’m a little too excited about being featured on this week! Excuse my shameless promotion but if you happen to be looking for tips on how to become a food blogger, you can learn a few of mine here. Happy Spring!


Mile End Delicatessen
Mile End does the perfect job of turning traditional Jewish Delicatessen food into elevated, delectable, modern fare. Everything still tastes like it’s coming out of your Jewish grandmother’s kitchen but the recipes aren’t quite as heavy or antiquated. “The Grandpa” is a take on the classic turkey sandwich that consists of smoked turkey, pickles, tangy mustard, rillettes and rye bread which undoubtedly knocks every other turkey sandwich out of the game.
53 Bond St
New York, NY 10012

Tucked away on an unassuming street in Williamsburg, Catbird is full of dainty jewelry that is beautifully designed, crafted and terribly hard to resist. Known for their classically thin knuckle rings which sit just atop your knuckle and make anyones hands look perfectly curated. Catbird is a treasure chest full gold silver and jewels that any mother or daughter will surely fall in love with. Check out their website to see what I’m talking about, I promise you your shopping cart will fill up in a mere matter of seconds.
219 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Butchers Daughter
I’m a lover of health food. However, when it gets to the point where you don’t know what you’re eating or how it possibly could have been made, I have to say no. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good, that is one sacrifice I am surely not ready to make. It’s for that very reason that I love going to Butcher’s Daughter. Everything on the menu is healthy, fresh and has countless health benefits while still being utterly satisfying and delicious. Another great part of Butcher’s Daughter? The next door juice, smoothie and snack store. All of the juices are refreshing and packed full of vegetables and fruit. If you go, make sure to pick up their Water Flower and Yellow juice!
19 Kenmare Street
(Between Bowery + Elizabeth)
New York, NY 10012

Converse by Comme Des Garçon
I’m absolutely obsessed with this collaboration between converse and Comme Des Garçons. Off white or black converse are are perfectly complimented by a signature CDG bright red heart with two eyes. Perfect for spring, these shoes will most likely never leave my feet. If you’re interested, you can purchase them here.

Peoples Pops
People’s Pops are popsicles made from fresh fruit nothing else, no additives or unnecessary sweeteners. However, what makes People’s Pops so great are the sophisticated flavor pairings, such as “Rhubarb-Star Anise” + “Blackberry-Lemon Verbena”
If you’re lucky you can find them in some specialty supermarkets but they also have a few shops around New York where you can try their refreshing pops.
425 W 15th Street
(Between 9th + 10th St)
New York, NY 10011

Dover Street Market
Dover Street Market is a really fun place to visit and also happens to be owned by Comme Des Garçons. I’ve only ever bought something there once, but it’s has a really interesting setup and is full of kooky and eccentric objects and clothing. What makes this place really appealing to me is that Rose Bakery finally came to NY and resides on the bottom floor of DSM! Rose Bakery makes the most delicious quiches, baked goods, and soft drinks. Dover Street Market is the perfect place to head over to if you want to see something new and eat deliciously simple french dishes.
160 Lexington Avenue
(Between 30th + 31 St)
New York, NY 10016

Every Sunday you can find Smorgasburg in various locations around Brooklyn. What it is a flea market solely made up of food vendors, which is any foodie’s dream. I went last weekend with a friend of mine who lives just up the block and was completely blown away and overwhelmed. There are so many fresh, handmade and delicious dishes being made and served there and it’s a really good time. Go earlier in the day to ensure that the stands won’t be sold out and enjoy eating great food, supporting local chefs, sitting outside and basking in the sun on the beautiful pier.
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 15
Brooklyn, NY 11201

McEvoy Olive Oil
One of my most used and valued ingredients is olive oil. McEvoy ranch produces a lovely, flavorful olive oil that is sure to make any good dish great. I also happen to love the bottle, highly recommended!

Image Via Mile End Delicatessen